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Drinking Water

It's important to drink most of our water at these times instead of with meals.Drinking water at correct time maximizes its effectiveness on the Human body

21 Foods That Will Reduce Pain, Inflammation And Boost Immunity More Effectively Than Medication

How to Make Flaxseed Hair Gel. Flaxseed hair gel is a natural, inexpensive hair product particularly suited for curly or wavy hair. It defines and moisturizes curly hair without creating stiffness or crunchiness.

Good rules to follow

6 Easy Tips for Improving Physical and Mental Health - Jeanette's Healthy Living See more about mental health, health remedies and tips.

Spices that help you lose weightPositiveMed | Positive Vibrations in Health

Spices that help you lose weight

Spices that help you lose weight spices that help you lose weight- these 7 spices help you lose weight fast. infographic lists the name of spices that help you lose weight.


More Reasons To Eat Fruit - Fruit is one of the most healthy and natural foods in existence. There are thousands of different types of fruit available to eat, all of which provide us with strong health benefits.

Benefits of lemon water as well as suggested recipes for additional ingredients to mix up your lemon water

The Elixir of Life: Here is Why You Should Drink More Water ...

The Benefits Of Lemon Water Infographic - How many of you start your day with lemon water? Its one of the most beneficial things you can do in the morning.it will change your life! Cleanse, detox, and get to your weight loss results faster!

The Journey of a Running Green Girl: Cool Running Couch-to-5k Running Plan Weekly Schedule

This is how I got started running! The ® Running Plan Our beginner's running schedule has helped thousands of new runners get off the couch and onto the roads, running 3 miles in just two months.

Staying healthy and fit is the top concern of people, at least most of them. Everyone wants to have a fit body, strong immunity, good appearance, good intern...


Hypothyroidism Revolution - Staying healthy and fit is the top concern of people, at least most of them. Everyone wants to have a fit body, strong immunity, good appearance, good intern. - Thyrotropin levels and risk of fatal coronary heart disease

Our friend Drew over a FitLifeTV put together this fascinating infographic on the health benefits of ginger.  What do you think?

I love ginger! My body does too. Here's 10 Ginger benefits that will motivate you to make it a part of your diet.

When to drink water. natural health tips, natural health remedies

Benefits of Early Morning Hydration

The health benefits of Lime Water When to drink water, for good health Limes can help you lose weight and live a healthier life style, find out how!

High Protein Foods. Just need a chart to tell me what amino acids are required to complete the protein, and I'll be set!

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This is so true and very important!


Exercise is very, very important to your health, weight loss and general well being. Think long and hard about the benefits of exercise in your own life….The stronger your “Why?” the greater your “How?

How to schedule your water to make sure you drink 2 liters a day

How One Woman Went From Obesity to a Bikini Body

Trying to drink enough water? Get a reusable water bottle and mark the hours on it so you remember to drink 2 bottles a day. Great idea, especially for bringing to work and running errands. Just grab your water bottle every morning and go!

Green tea is so healthy and make me not retain water as much. #healthyandfit

The Top 10 Health Benefits of Green Tea

10 Health Benefits of Green Tea. Green tea is full of polyphenols such as flavonoids and catechins. These are the main compounds responsible for the benefits of green tea; they defend your body and act as powerful antioxidants.

how to eat chia seeds

Ch-Ch-Ch-CHIA! Why you Need to Know About CHIA SEEDS!

Chia seed is such a healthy food. I put it in yogurt, smoothies, homemade granola bars, and more. Glass of fresh squeezed lemon juice with a bit of splenda and a teaspoon of chia seeds.