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Ponytail Palm tree is a succulent native to Mexico. Its easy-care nature makes it a popular house plant.

How To Care For and Repot A Ponytail Palm. My 3 headed Ponytail Palm in its old pot.

I love my Ponytail Palm. Here's how to transplant a large Ponytail Palm plus the materials you need. A video guides you.

elephant foot plant | ... base of the 'foot' to the top of the leaves, Elephant's Foot plant

3 Houseplants for Water Conservationists : TreeHugger I like how tall this ponytail palm is

How To Care For A PonyTail Palm - I've been looking for this like forever! Yaaaa!!!

Ponytail Palm: How To Care For The Ponytail Plant

Ponytail palm plant the Beaucarnea Recurvata a popular houseplant, easy to grow, loves bright light, pest free and doesn't want lots of water.

Beaucarnea recurvata, the Ponytail palm, Maybe something like this for the one in Maya's room.

Photo of pruned Ponytail Palm (beaucarnea recurvata) - Cacti & Succulents Forum - GardenWeb

Ponytail palm care is surprisingly easy for a palm. Learn exactly how to grow beautiful beaucarnea recurvata in your home with this in-depth guide.

Ponytail Palm Care – How to Grow Beaucarnea Recurvata