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If you believe a background heck to prevent mentally ill people from getting guns is a plot by Obama to confiscate your guns you're probably one of the people that background check was designed to screen for.

Political cartoons by Tim Eagan, member of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists.

The problem is not the availability of guns, it's the availability of morons.

Gun control ~ They can take away our ignorance when they pry it from our cold dead minds! - Stephen Colbert

Anti-Gun Memes and Cartoons

Because with a rifle I can kill you from a couple hundred meters but if I had a knife I would have to be within a meter

Doesn't actually make me laugh but I think it's brilliant political humor.


Trash like this should have their kids taken away. It's always the "unloaded" gun that manages to kill someone. This dumbfuck obviously doesn't care about gun safety. or child safety for that matter.

RIP Scott Galindez (and the thousands of other Americans like him who die needlessly each and every year) | The Revolution Continues Blog | by C.A. Matthews | "Our country's lack of compassion has killed yet another innocent human being because we can't get our act together and pass a Medicare for All bill in time. His name was Scott Galindez." Click to read and share.

Every time there's a gun rampage, the politicians all wring their hands and offer prayers to the victims. FUCK your prayers.

oh, you deactivated your Facebook for an hour? Tell me about all the new experiences you had - Willywonka

Not that I play video games but this is so true.Jersey Shore, yup your Veerrrryyyy mature!


"If you only feel safe when you are carrying a gun, then you cannot call yourself a 'free man'".

Catholic nun Sister Joan Chittister sums up pro-lifers' hypocrisy. Like our page Feminist News