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This beautiful and powerful statue is in Senegal

The African Renaissance Monument, Senegal, Africa. The African Renaissance Monument, also referred as Monument to the Afric.

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”   --Laozi (6th century BC)  (photo source unknown)

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One of the best minds in the world came up with this.

Nicolas Cage pranks « Humor « ImgLuLz – Funny Pics and More ~that's a lot of work! I would be sooo mad!

Whitney Houston & Jermaine Jackson - If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful - YouTube

Whitney Houston’s debut album, “Whitney Houston,” gained international acclaim, selling 25 million copies worldwide


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"We are the sum of all that we have thought. We are constructed by our thoughts. We are made up of our thoughts." - From Verse The Dhammapada.