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he is 8 inches tall and 5 inches wide.

Shiny Gligar Plush by Plush-Lore on deviantART

Shiny Gligar Plush by Plush-Lore on DeviantArt


i like the single shots a lot. i love making each plush Pokemon a bit different than the other even though in the ga.

Houndour Plush by Plush-Lore on deviantART

inches from tail to nose, 6 inches from toe to the top of its head. commission for this is my third houndour plush i have made.


In response to several requests for a simple plush tutorial for beginners, here it is! This tutorial is suitable for someone who has never made a plush . Let's Sew A Ditto!


This is one of my favorite Pokemon.though i have a lot of favorite Pokemon! i had an art block f.

Eevee Plush Tutorial Pt.2 by Luminous-Luchador on DeviantArt

So, part 2 of the way too big file. Eevee plush tutorial Plush: Eevee Plush patterns: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part