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Reason why lyrics not found.. :-)

Reason why lyrics not found.

Heh, that extended intro of Drive By gets me every time.

Teenager Post That awkward moment when you sing the wrong part of a song with confidence.

I do this all the time

I dont care if other people can hear my music. They should be glad cause i listen to such amazing music.

Oh my goodness yes! Story of my life!

During School: "What day is it?" "Friday, November 2012 am." During Summer: "What day is it?" "Probably June." I know this is a relatable post and not a teenager post but heck this is me in the summer!

So frustrating!

This is like honestly my biggest pet peeve lol like for real shut the dang door honestly.

Only tell me not to do something, if you want me to do it

That's me, even if it is at a museum half the time I read the sign after and then be like whops I hope there were no cameras.

I read it in Obama's voice.

Answering questions like a president. I' decided that from now on, I' m going to answer every question like a presidential candidate. It' s obama