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The Curious Kindergarten | Welcome to The Curious Kindergarten, a blog about the discoveries my students and I make in our full-day kindergarten! A bit about me: I have been teaching Kindergarten for several years and have recently started implementing some philosophies from Reggio Emilia into my classroom. Our learning journey is a work in progress, and I hope visitors view it as just that: an opportunity to reflect and grow each day. Thanks for stopping by!

Planning for a Full Day of Inquiry-Based Learning

This article shows a great way to plan a day for kindergartens. Having a couple times in the day to have "discovery time" will benefit the kids in many ways. They will be discovering new ideas and thoughts

Tower Inquiry

My students are creating and building tall towers with blocks lately, thinking i am going to focus on this! Tower Inquiry in Kindergarten. Building structures with young children.

Is a bean a seed? A tiny seed of an inquiry that investigates the magic of growing things. Posted by Joanne Babalis of "Transforming our learning environment into a space of possibilities." Follow my instagram account (@J O Babalis) for daily updates and classroom photos:

STEM! 3 Sound Experiments! How sound is produced/sound travels

Investigate and explain that sound is produced by vibrating objects and that pitch depends on how fast or slow the object vibrates. Do you teach sound? Kids SEE that sound is created by vibrations! Wonderful hands on/ inquiry based experiments!