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~~Little Lotus | four-week old Miniature Shetland Boberg's Lotus  | by MistanPhotography~~

Cute little fluffy miniature horse running through the lush green grass. Little Lotus

Little My Moomin Hama Perler Bead Pattern (FREE)

Little My Moomin Hama Perler Bead

Ravelry: Lille kongle (Little woodland) pattern by Strikkekista

Lille kongle (Little woodland) pattern by Ingvill Freland

What a beautiful knitted hat :) Lille kongle (Little woodland) by Strikkekista, ravelry. Pattern comes in sizes

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Little My may very well be the most obtuse girl in Moominvalley. She's always flitting about causing mischief of one kind or another. Maybe starring in her own set of LINE stickers will soothe her inner rage!

Little Mermaid, Copenhagen, Denmark by By Dimtze via Flickr @Jacob McPherson Richerson WE MUST GO HERE. PLEASE BABY.

Little Mermaid, Copenhagen, Denmark - I was so excited to see this! Little mermaid was my favourite as a child. Mother and Dad had pictures and Royal Danish China with the Little Mermaid.