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"Night in the Garden" by Alexandra  Koukinova. This doll artist has some of the most exquisite realistic dolls I have ever seen! You really should click on the link and look at her website, especially under the categories 'Art Dolls' and 'Museum'. You have to use the "Zoom" feature to appreciate the details.

Alexandra Kokinova "Night in the Garden" doll, LE Dressed in a majestic Art Nouveau gown of satin, silk, lace, antique guipure lace

<0> Ball jointed Doll Total Shop  I know she's not a Barbie but I couldn't resist, she's so pretty

I know she's not a real gothic girl but I couldn't resist to share here too, she's so pretty ^^

шарнирные куклы марины бычковой - Поиск в Google

The only doll that doesnt scare me are these Enchanted dolls by Marina Bychkova, one of a kind ball-jointed porcelain dolls. They are so cute and pretty!

Изображение | ^ 1,7´

Изображение | ^ 1,7´

EID Woman Raina, Carved Heritage LE, Makeup Type B

What Is a Ball Jointed Doll

"Bianca" by Martha Boers [3rd of four pins]

Modeling this EID-size ensemble is my beautiful ball-jointed doll, Carina by Iplehouse.