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Salvador Dali - Mae West's Face which may be used as a Surrealist Apartment - 1935 - Surrealism

The Persistence of Memory (1931) ~ Salvador Dali

The Persistence of Memory - Salvador Dali Brian and I saw this painting in St Pete. We loved Dali.

Salvador Dali  D'UNE MINUTE A L'AUTRE  Salvador Dali is my favoite artist Source: http://fashionmoment.blogspot.com/2009/01/provocation-dreams-fashion-comes-served.html

Box septembre 2014

Surrealism: Persistence of Memory, by Salvador Dali tape to shrinky dink page. punch holes two holes in one side for a book. Make a book of famous art - colored by you.

Figure with Drawers for a Four-part Screen - Dali Salvador

Figure with Drawers for a Four-part Screen, 1934 by Salvador Dali, Surrealism Period Surrealism. sketch and study

Salvador Dali...  The relationship between humans and the natural environment..

Environmental Painting

The viewers eye is tricked with how each individual modeled sphere acts as its own image that creates the larger face - Salvador Dali

15 Surrealistic Salvador Dali Paintings

"Galatea of the Spheres" Salvador Dali – Oil on canvas; 65 x 54 cm Fundacion Gala-Salvador-Dali, Figueras, Spain

La Persistencia de la memoria (1931), Salvador Dalí.

Top 10: Las pinturas más controversiales en el arte

* Salvador Dalí - - - The Eye of Surrealist Time - 1971

Salvador Dali - Surrealism - The Eye of Surrealist Time - 1971