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An arrangement of the Munsters Theme I came up with for a guitar duet in 2011 (remember my improv. This song features Josh Parker on r.

Beep beep

LOONEY TUNES - a favorite Saturday morning cartoon -- Cartoons were also played between features at the movies. During that time, you could go to the movies and watch the same movie all day long, if you wanted to.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

One of the few cartoons that has not made it’s return to TV or movies is He-Man Master of the Universe. If you’ve been dying to watch the show, you can again thanks.

The Cosby Show: Steve N ... Candy and Cosbys ... It's the simple things!

Bill Cosby stared in the sitcom "The Cosby Show," featuring the Huxtable family. The show aired for eight years and helped to launch the career of Disney star Raven Symone when she played the adorable Olivia.

Saturday Mornings

I know this may sound weird, but I loved Tom more than Jerry. Jerry was very annoying and spiteful! I always hoped that Tom would catch Jerry and eat him! Or at least catch him once and for all!

down to fraggle rock!

You Know You're an Kid If. Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock First cartoon my son would sit and watch. My husband and I found old reruns on The Hub. (I barely remember them but I did love this show from what I do remember about them)


Growing up, Westerns were one of my favorite tv genres. And the best of the best was Bonanza. Our family ALWAYS made sure we were home on Sunday night in time to watch it!

wonder twins powers: Activate!

Super Friends (TV Series)

Super Friends Saturday morning cartoon from the This was just an awesome combination of all my favorite hero's. by todays standards it super campy, especially Marvin and super dog.

"All In The Family" (1971-79) was the first TV show to charge head-on into divisive social issues ... mom wanted me out of the room when this was on.

The 1971 JuKeBoX Archie & Edith Bunker, "Methead", Gloria.All in the Family tv sitcom