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The Magnolia flower ~ is attached with symbols of nobility, perseverance, and love of nature.

История и галерея фото|Магнолия фото

История и галерея фото|Магнолия фото

Magnolia blossom by Van Huynh

Magnolia - Symbolizes beauty, a lofty soul, ornamentation, refinement, and sensuousness. In the language of flowers: "You are a lover of nature." Image: Magnolia Blossom by Van Huynh


Ella Saridi - Magnolia and Sparrows Japanese ink painting by Suibokuga on Etsy . i'd love to know how they achieved that.


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Paintings of magnolias trees - Google Search

Lawn and Garden Decor - Japanese Magnolia Tree - This is the color of my mom's tree that grew to be very large (shades of pink and white)

Bamboe, water, stenen, bloem

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