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top voted for next Pokeman is Butterfree~ Next one on the list could be a Dark type or a Ground type, who could they be? :D have a great weekend! -Joe #pokemon #pokeman #butterfree #bug #sexy #muscle #anatomy #practice #fitness #art #drawing...

Pokemon Pokefusion KingKing by Phantos CLICK TO VOTE!

Maroeon is a totally awesome Pokefusion made by the talented Chronokhalil on Deviant art. Help him win the contest by voting for him.

The Winner is: The Illuminati Imo: Either Way. Why: First off Illuminati might have 3 to 4 prep masters but I just find it amusing and a bit irritating when people say Superman and or Flash don't do well with prep. I mean like they can think of millions of ways to defeat the Illuminati in less than a day. It's just a bit irritating when people say that. Second. Black Bolt ain't a pushover he's scratched Thanos with his loudest scream. His mere whisper knocked back World War Hulk. Another…

Trigger's Little Witch Academia 2 Meets Kickstarter Goal

Gyarados and Milotic by request.

Wartortle by beyx

Wow that's epic