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KAI >/////////<

EXO Gif Reaction: When your car stops in the middle of nowhere. (ignore kai kay) Luhan: I’m manly, I’ll protect you!

I hate you. I love you. Thank you. Park Chanyeol. EXO-K. EXO. <3

I hate you. I love you. Thank you. Park Chanyeol. EXO-K. EXO. <3

EXO Top to Bottom, Left to Right. First Row: Sehun, Kai, Tao ... Second Row: D.O., Chanyeol, Chen ... Third Row: Baekhyun, Lay, Suho ... Fourth Row: Kris, Xiumin, Lu Han

Exo sehun kai tao d.o chanyeol chen baekhyun lay suho kris xiumin luhan

GIF - EXO's Winks WARNING: May die from fangirlness. This episode of showtime had me cracking up lol

How well do you know EXO?

I love EXO showtime ep 1 where they all do the winks lol Kris took the gold with his 'excuse me' wink haha I love Baekhyuns wink too, so cute!

Two Moons // By Peppers // Romance & Supernatural // EXO & OC // Chapters 80 // 12 forces from Planet EXO is out to search for you and your sister. Your life is simple and perfect as it is but not until when they come and unintentionally ruin everything. Will you be able to teach and show these unfamiliar souls how humans live? Will you be able to survive living with 12 boys, each with unique abilities? What will happen when one day a threat comes to hunt you down?

Mustang - Love the picture. The lines are old school awesome!