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12 Foods That Can Improve Your Mood

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Mood foods

Learn how to boost your happiness or quell work stress by eating these mood-boosting foods.

Elevate Your Mood and Get Happy With These 11 Foods!

Get Happy With These Foods Fire up your diet, mood and brain with Super Brain Fuel. Food for your Brain. Explore more brain food at www.

Infographic: Foods to Get Rid of a Bad Mood

Here's an infographic on what to eat to make you feel better no matter what your mood. So food does help you feel better

10 Bad Mood Foods — Yes, Poor Nutrition Causes Depression

7 Foods To End Bad Moods

Low on energy and dangerously grouchy? If you think that jumbo cheese fries or a doughnut that you are craving will help change your bad mood

Good Mood Foods. Want Your Kids to be Happier? Eat this.

Feel-Good Foods To Boost Your Mood

A list of seven snacks you should keep in the house to return your mind and body to a happy place:

7 Foods to Boost a Bad Mood

Check out Woman's Day magazine's article of 7 foods that boost every type of Bad Mood. We like the chocolate suggestion! What's your favorite snack to get you out of a bad mood?

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