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電波女と青春男 ぺたん娘 ラバーストラップ 御船流子

電波女と青春男 ぺたん娘 ラバーストラップ 御船流子


I ADOPTED Ella she 4 she is very young and you wouldn't believe how smart she is. She is very lovable and loves cuddling. She really loves pink in fact she has a pink little dinosaur named roar and they really need a home adopt?

Aisaka Taiga.

Quick fanart of Taiga from Toradora >w< That anime was nice! And she is a pretty tsundere, so tiny I love the tiger theme related to her! So here she is dressed like one!

SKETCH CHIBI | Elleryforgot by Sueweetie.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Sorry if art spam T 7 T I really liked the outcome of this chibi so I wanted to post it even though its very sketchy gah.