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The Strand Magazine, vol. 54, no. 321, September 1917. Sherlock Holmes Outwits a German Spy." Published: London: George Newnes, Ltd. Courtesy: Toronto Public Library. Arthur Conan Doyle did his part to raise wartime moral by continuing to provide The Strand with the publics favoured reading material. This issue contains the Holmes story His Last Bow."

Sherlock Holmes-- for me it is always Rathbone. He looks like the illustrations Doyle approved of. When I see an actor who is not tall, long-faced and well-nosed, it feels wrong, even if the actor is good.

Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes. I'm not saying the Robert Downey Jr. movies aren't fun and entertaining, they certainly are. The Jeremy Brett series though for me really captured the true essence and depth from the books.