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Adjustable Spreader Bar with Cuffs is made to keep them spread out, this spreader bars cuffs were made to fit both wrists and ankles! Since the cuffs are able to pivot, this will make for a more pleasant and comfortable experience. Bar is divided into three sections that expand from about 18 inches all the way to 25 inches in width. - $63 https://www.thrillsfulfilled.com/product/adjustable-spreader-bar-with-cuffs/

Skewer Spiked CBT and Urethral Plug: Test your tolerance with a screwed up tool of tantalizing torment! The Skewer is perfect for solo use, but is also an excellent way for your Master or Mistress to punish you for their own amusement! Use the allen wrench to retract the screws and then slide the ring down your shaft. - $51.99 https://www.thrillsfulfilled.com/product/skewer-spiked-cbt-urethral-plug/

thrillsfulfilled.com - Master Series Black Bomber Nipple Clamps with Ball Weights

thrillsfulfilled.com - Master Series Deviant Monarch Weighted Nipple Clamps

Stainless Steel Lollipop is the perfect implement for some deep probing. Prostate and g-spot stimulation are right at your fingertips. Watch your partner writhe in ecstasy as you apply pressure precisely and firmly against their favorite spot. - $38 https://www.thrillsfulfilled.com/product/stainless-steel-lollipop/

Experiment with slippery, messy, ass-filling fun with the Wet Works Red 4 inch Lube Luge Premium Silicone Plug. An opening in the base connects to the Lube Luge’s lengthwise open center to completely fill your hole with lube or other liquids of your choosing - $22.17 https://www.thrillsfulfilled.com/product/wet-works-red-4-inch-lube-luge-premium-silicone-plug/

Tantric Enriched Body Mist W/pheromones - White Lavender ...The art of sensuality! Heat up your intimate pleasures and reach new heights of intimacy with these outstanding products infused with nature’s own attractant, pheromones. - $8.45 https://www.thrillsfulfilled.com/product/tantric-enriched-body-mist-wpheromones-white-lavender/

Vibrating Silicone Butt Plug 4" - Red is perfect for all experience levels, this velvety soft silicone plug features a tapered tip for easy entry and a textured design for extra pleasurable backdoor stimulation. - $34.64 https://www.thrillsfulfilled.com/product/vibrating-silicone-butt-plug-4-red/

This nubby Orgasm Trifecta Stimulator is designed to stimulate all of your erogenous zones at once! The Orgasm Trifecta provides intense sensations for your g-spot, clit and anus. - $13.35 https://www.thrillsfulfilled.com/product/orgasm-trifecta-stimulator/

Relaxation and gratification comes in many positions and you can too with the Sex Sling Black! The Sportsheets Sex Sling can help ease you comfortably into new erotic discoveries. Enjoy better angles for stimulating the g-spot, sex positions are only limited to your imagination. Spice up your sex life with this sex sling.- $27.99 https://www.thrillsfulfilled.com/product/sex-sling-black/

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