The popular French sweets have finally become a thing on our shores, so it's time to make 'em even better. The chocolate-flavored meringue and avocado filling in these macaroons complement each other perfectly. Get the recipe at -

(Gluten Free!) Dark Chocolate Macarons: Makes 18 finished cookies *Weighing the ingredients is critical. 100 gram powdered sugar 50 grams almond meal (almond flour, the finer the better) 25 grams unsweetened cocoa powder 2 large room temperature egg whites 65 grams granulated sugar For chocolate ganache: 1/3 cup hot heavy cream 4 ounces dark chocolate, chopped pinch of salt *pour hot cream over chocolate, and stir until smooth. Allow to cool slightly before filling cooled…

Quick and easy summer dessert recipes. Yummy summer recipes that are perfect for kids, when company is coming for dinner or planning a party /

Chocolate On Clouds: An indulgent dessert made of a rich and creamy rum chocolate mousse layered over light and fluffy pieces of angel food cake.

Aromatic chocolate hazelnut macarons filled with thick smear of Nutella. Delightful little desserts you can easily whip up in your kitchen.

I am still taking advantage of avocado season, which inspires me to formulate more recipes using this awesome ingredient. I won't deny that this Avocado Lime Cheesecake is one of the best recipes that I made! I saw different... #avocadolimecheesecake #bestavocadolimecheesecakerecipe #easiestdessert

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