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goddess blumi: the personification of Mother Earth. She is the divine wife of Varaha, an Avatar of Vishnu. She is depicted, seated on a platform carried on the back of four elephants representing the four corners of the world.

can i have a chariot pulled by cats<<< I've literally always wanted a rolling chair pulled by dogs

This is so cool. I'm pretty sure this has happened, but our historians decided to cover the humiliation Zeus would feel when he would end up beaten.

t h e c h a r i t i e s were three goddesses of grace, beauty, adornment, joy, mirth, festivity, dance, and song. they were attendants of the goddesses aphrodite and hera, conceived as the goddesses who gave festive joy and enhanced the enjoyments of life by refinement and gentleness. gracefulness and beauty in social intercourse are therefore attributed to them. they were sometimes depicted in classical art with crowns of myrtle.

Believe in yourself #lawofattraction’s Word of the Day - myrmidon - a person who executes without question or scruple a master's commands.

Ancient sea Dragon for Neridian by Chaos-Draco

Honestly this is all of the things that make Nico my favorite, all wrapped into one post.