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Catalina Susana Garcia ‘lifts’ herself into the ethereal. Reputedly taken with no special camera equipment (yeah right) in Madrid Spain, July 1905

Mnt. Fuji forest where people to commit suicide by hanging themselves

100 people a year commit suicide in these forests every year. They still find human remains years after the tragedy. Japan is scary.

Perched on a hill in Louisville, KY, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium is known for its history of illness, death, and of course, ghosts. The photo above, taken in 2006, reportedly shows the wandering spirit of Mary Lee, a former patient at the facility.

Waverly Hills Sanitarium, Kentucky - The Death Tunnel or Body Chute is a 500 foot long tunnel that leads from the hospital to the railroad tracks at the bottom of the hill.

vintage everyday: Lovely Portraits of Victorian Teenage Girls from the 1840s-90s

Portrait of a young Norwegian girl, late Why do her eyes look so dead, and her body language is very protective and defensive ? Just an observation after looking at this photo. She's not a poor girl either. She is a very hurt girl.

The accident occurred after a heavy snowstorm, making it difficult for rescuers to reach the victims. The town firefighters and citizens were ill-equipped ...

Published This tragic event is the origin of the nearby Haunted Chestnut Grove Cemetery, where many of the train accident victims are buried. The accident was caused largely .

Post mortem photo of child standing in window - notice someone behind the curtain holding the child.

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Four freedoms

Freedom to worship however you see fit is a cherished American value, and a key tenant of Unitarian Universalism. // 1943 Norman Rockwell "The Four Freedoms" poster. via issues Wilke James Roadshow

Victorian post mortem photo

Victorian post mortem photo-awww beautiful boy-one last time until we meet again.this is so sad yet somehow it fascinates most of us ,as to how why or where.

Tom Petty snapped this picture of Jim Morrison’s grave site, which shows his image in the background. Considered an authentic ghost photo (Pere Lachaise Paris)

I have a different view of this picture posted on this board, but this view shows more of the grave site. Tom Petty snapped this picture of Jim Morrison's grave site, which shows his image in the background. Considered an authentic ghost photo.

Post mortem photo of Edith Hathaway, who died of diptheria in 1876. She was 12 years old.

Post mortem photo of Edith Hathaway, who died of diptheria in She was 12 years old. This is such a pretty young lady. Sad but pix tastefully done compared to some I've seen. Macabre enough as it is, at least make the person as though sleeping.

Ghost Victorian | vintage # spirit photography # ghosts

thefindesiecle: “ Anonymous, “Seance with Eusapia Palladino at the home of Camille Flammarion, Rue Cassini. Full levitation of a table.

Souls | 11 Words That Have A Completely Different Meaning When You're Dark Lord Of The Universe


Dreams, déjà vu and delusions caused by faulty 'reality testing,' research shows