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American mutt

Made in America is a foundational element of Jones Natural Chews all natural dog treats!

Smiling Dogs Love Windees :http://dogtreatweb.com/smiling-dogs-love-windees/

Smiling Dogs My dogs are all smiling dogs this morning. Because I broke out the Windees from Jones Natural Chews.

Adorable Affenpinsch mutt face

My coffee cup is empty and the dog won't leave me alone!

Affenpinscher mutt with attitude

Things not to do with your dog, brought to you by Chewy the Affenpinscher mutt, including don't eat cat treats.

The duck and the dog

Jones Pig Ears for Dogs are all natural and all delicious!

Sleepy little mutt

Is your dog a bad dog? These hilarious videos of bad dogs will make you smile!

Sleepy Affenpinscher mutt

I could pretend that this post is late on purpose .

Dog Joint Mobility issues

Dog joint mobility is crucial, especially for senior dogs. Fall weather can bring life back to old bones, but Windees and supplements do.

Cute Affen mutt

Dogs protecting their assets?

Jones Natural Chews Pumpers - Treats Dogs Love

Pumpers are the treats dogs love! This Valentine's Day, get your dog the Pumper from Jones Natural Chews. And all natural pork heart.

Gimme that JNC Twister!

It's an all natural pizzle treat giveaway, featuring the Twister!

Will and Paige

Pig ear for dogs - are they safe? Will your dog like them? Jones Natural Chews Pig Ears are single ingredient treats!

Affenpinscher and Italian Greyhound

It's Chewy's Gotcha Day and Throwback Thursday! Come read his gotcha story and find out how to win some Jones chews!