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The Whistler -- support a busker in the Underground

The subterranean story of the blind busker

Mark Campbell busking with his cane and washing up bowl. We'll admit there isn't much in this article, but it is inspiring and intelligent! "Blind busker: A subterranean story"

Tower Subway Disused Stations on London's Underground

Tower Subway Disused Stations on London's Underground

10 Things You May Not Know About London’s Underground

Explore 10 facts about the world's first underground railway.

The same length and size as a normal operating table, the "cadaver" on the screen, nicknamed Melanie, is a virtual body created using a mix of graphics and real CT scans of the body.

Virtual patient under the knife

HEATH IN THE FUTURE Virtual touch-screen ‘operating tables’ are used to operate on unreal bodies. It is especially good for educating surgeons without life risk or blood.


More Dahl! Roald Dahl 100 Afternoon Tea at the Shard

IBM and Carneggie Mellon Releasing NavCog App for BlindPeople

The first pilot in the program is a smartphone app for iOS and Android called NavCog, which helps blind people navigate their surroundings

The Changing the Guard Ceremony, the Lower Ward, Windsor Castle

Changing of the Guard at Windsor Castle is often a better option for kids -- less crowded and shorter time. Take a train from Waterloo or Paddington (switch at Slough).

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400 foot model burned to mark 1666 Great Fire of London.