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Recycled cardboard pendants.

♥ the recycled cardboard pendants

Lampshades from reused coat hangers in lights  with Reused Light Lamp coat

Lampshades From Reused Coat Hangers

"penja-llums", is a collection of hanging lamps made from old reused coat hangers. Exhibited at International Festival of Recycling Art of Catalonia. Designed by Bernat Capellades (Barcelona

Recycle empty wine bottles and turn them into unique hanging light fixtures

5 Cool Ways To Recycle Empty Wine Bottles

Recycled Wine Bottle Chandelier - *This Item Was Featured On The Front Page Of ETSY!* This unique rustic cottage style chandelier is

cardboard lampshades

cardboard lampshades created by students at a Foldlife workshope. Foldlife uses only cardboard to craft furniture, lights, art etc.

Recycled Paper And Cardboard Lights.

Egg of Columbus recycled paper lamps by Valentina Carretta of Fabrica for Seletti

Recycled Tube Light by Castor

Recycled Tube Light by Castor

Recycled Tube Light reuses burnt-out florescent bulbs and lit with incandescent light bulbs.