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PHOTO OF THE DAY. April 21: Kindergarten Day. Here’s a kindergarten class for you!

PHOTO OF THE DAY. Jan 28: Fun at Work Day. We all laughed at this photo--and loved it that Karen Majka chose this fun shot of her Pyrenean Shepherds! See more photos at #pyrenean shepherd

PHOTO OF THE DAY. April 11: Eight-Track Tape Day! Did you have eight-track tapes? Well, I lived through that era but missed them somehow. So here’s my take!

PHOTO OF THE DAY. Mar 1: March Comes in Like a Leonberger! Hope you enjoy our photos of the day. Please repin! And please visit us at!

PHOTO OF THE DAY. April 7: Carmel Popcorn Day. Don’t these two look as if they could be “Popcorn” and “Carmel”? A couple of cuties! See more of our photos at By the way, I have LOTS of PHOTOS OF THE DAY to catch up on. That’s what I get for being out of commission!

PHOTO OF THE DAY. Feb 27: Polar Bear Day. Bear with me (ahem). In honor of Polar Bear Day, here is Bear, the boy poodle. His hot pink bikini is a mystery to me! This isn't our photo, but see lots of ours at!

PHOTO OF THE DAY. Feb 13: Throwback Thursday! A blast from the past--photos from POTC AKC Agility, Feb 2009, at the Fieldhouse in Zanesville OH! See LOTS more at

Mary O’Leary’s two Red and White Irish Setters, decked out for the holidays. Just one of many photos—of many dogs and people—from our recent photo shoot at Hamilton Dog Training Club.

Kathy Smith’s Robin and Carly at our recent HDTC photo event.