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Design Christmas Wishlist 2015 #1

Shore Project watches inspired by the British seaside with interchangeable straps with coastal names like St. Ives. @grovecomms

Vintage Muse Designs: 12 Tags of 2015 {My July Version}

Books to Read in 2017

12 Amazing books to inspire, motivate and get lost in 2017.

Hello, friends! It's Janette here back at the helm. I'm popping in today to share a new favorite.... This is the My Favorite Things ...

Start Your Garden Seedlings With Egg Carton Seeds

Easy Gardening Tips - How to Start Seedlings in Egg Cartons

Repurposed Watch Charm Key Necklace, Vintage, Long Silver Chain Necklace, Pearl, Black Bead Assemblage Jewelry - JryenDesigns

I just watched all of Kagerou Project. OH M GOODNESS IT IS SO INTERESTING. And Outer Science has a whole new meaning to me now that I've watched all the rest of it... //Sniff// DARN YOU KUROHA. ...Okay, Kuroha. I forgive you. You're totally adorable in this picture. ...And so are... well... you... and... you. Interesting. -- Kuroha, Haruka, and Konoha [Kagerou Project]

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