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Dungeonomicon (DnD Other)/Economicon - D&D Wiki

Dungeonomicon (DnD Other)/Economicon - D&D Wiki

Chaotic Neutral -Whatever I Want

Chaotic Neutral -Whatever I Want

Chaotic Neutral -So I Can Do Whatever The Hell I Want Maximum flexibility, minimum constraint.

Paizo Inc. — brandiyorkart: I’ve been having too much fun...

Many of my dice have been banished because of their noping lol

This is the best! I know this isn't a video game, but that's where I'm pinning it.

Vladimir, you artichoke, we need to play DnD.

Leal e bom não significa bonzinho.

Lawful Good

Lawful Good -It Doesn't Mean Lawful Nice Good: yes.

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Full Frontal Nerdity by rachelyoung

Tommy Lee Jones would be a tough DM

A photo of Tommy Lee Jones from No Country for Old Men holding a photoshopped…

Protecting the innocent and doing good, even if that means making sure the only future the bad guys have is as fertilizer.

Chaotic Good: Doing the right thing, even if it means I have to kill everyone in the process.

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only dungeons and dragons fans know the pain of this image.