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obscure colour words

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Obscure color names. Can be used for character names. or just make a character based on that color

My personal favorite: have them die in a necessary danger that was created by the protagonist to eventually bring down the antagonist

Make the book sum up. And then on the last page kill the most lovable character by the main protagonist and the protagonist likes it. How to make a characters death sadder

Writing tip. Mix dialogue and action.

Writing tip. Mix dialogue and action.


I have natural onyx but in the light they turn russet brown.If I could I would want (Blue) silver or steel blue, (green) forest green, and (brown) amber. What's your eye color? Or what would you want your eye color to be?

9 Surprising Reasons You Need 20 Characters to Start a Book  If you think you…

20 Characters You Need to Start A Novel

If you think you have nothing to write about in your novel’s first chapter, think again: you have 20 people to introduce, and fast! Harry Potter and The Hunger Games each introduce 19 characters in their first chapter, and Twilight introduces a whopping

this may not look difficult to begin with. i was doing perfectly until about 4/5 of the way down when my brain just gave up.

Damn english is SOME SHIT! IM so glad this was my first language. How confusing if it wasnt. i f You Can Pronounce Every Word Correctly In This Poem You're Better Than Of The Native English Speakers In The World.