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My latest find on Trusper will literally blow you away. Like seriously, you need to hold on to your seat.

"If I were you, I would freakin' adore me," said the tip that changed my life.

So, tell me, have you ever made spaghetti squash? This was the first time I ever made this veggie. Of course, everyone tells you it turns out like spaghetti but I figured sure, sure, sure it does. I mean, how close can a squash be to spaghetti? Well, hold everything!!! This thing really DID resemble …

Spaghetti Squash Carbonara

Spaghetti Squash Carbonara-I made this tonight. It was delicious. I drained most of the bacon grease and added another cup of chicken broth. I also added crushed red pepper. I really want to try this whole spaghetti squash thing

HE HASN'T SEEN ME YET! YES! It was that way for me too, ya know ;) (not even kidding, the very first time I saw them, I knew the "blonde one" was my favorite... ^_^ )

Hello Niall, i heard you believe in love at first sight.so do i need to walk by again. or hows this going to work?

-when you're bruised by a harsh blow to the ego, run into the open arms of your mother for a great big bear hug.  You'll feel much better...and your "mother" can be anyone who makes you feel secure which may just be your dog or your cat...quote by ceeanne lei.

~~Happy Mother's Day ~ Brown Bear cub hugging Mom by Giovanni Mari~~don't you just love 'bear hugs':))

the guys who > pray for you, play with your hair, write notes,... lend you…

The first and last are the most important things in a guy! These are the guys you women need to look for! These are the guys worth dating.and more importantly worth marrying! Maybe not the god part for me personal but I can't wait to meet this guy

Kili being his normal photogenic self and me holding a rope...-smiles and nods- -Fili

Kili and Fili. Remember this is a kids movie keep clean thoughts. Who am I kidding I love a man/dwarves in beards ;