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Series 3 yes!!!!!!

Series of The Musketeers starts filming 27 April in Czech Republic, Go Muskies!


howardcharles: “The Musketeers Radio Times January 2014 photos and outtakes [three photos] ”

The Musketeers~マスケティアーズ:三銃士(BBC) 画像 The Musketeers - Athos 壁紙 and background 写真

Wallpaper and background photos of The Musketeers - Athos for fans of The Musketeers (BBC) images.

D'Artagnan - New picture - courtesy of Jessica Pope - property of the BBC.

Luke Pasqualino tells us the secrets behind the special effects - The Musketeers - BBC One

Luke Pasqualino demonstrates the secrets of 'The Musketeers' special effects with Colin the producer kindly helping out. (Colin just keeps getting more and more annoyed with Luke lol)

The Musketeers lads are asked to give a seductive stare... Tom? Nailed it

Deborah Tomasi on

The Musketeers lads are asked to give the seductive stare. Tom Nailed it!