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I'm An Angel

‘I'm An Angel’ Mug by jlechuga

Angels, They're Falling (Supernatural) by girardin27

‘Angels, They're Falling (Supernatural)’ Poster by girardin27

Angels, They’re Falling - Supernatural A Van Gogh inspired interpretation of the angels falling, with Castiel watching, from the finale of season 8 of Supernatural. For sale on Redbubble: HERE

Glados, from Portal 2. I want this on a T-shirt!

"I'm a Potato" by Chris McVeigh aka powerpig So, how are you holding up? Because I'm a potato. GlaDOS’s delicious words as she plummets to the bottom of the Aperture Science facility strapped to (and powered by) a potato.

Portal: Chell and the Seven Cores by forte-girl7.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Yes, Chell and the Seven Cores, along with Prince Wheatley, Queen GLaDOS and Doug Rattmann the Magic Mirror. Portal: Chell and the Seven Cores

Can't believe I forgot to pin this here -- When life gives you lemons....I'm gonna burn your house down with the lemons!! -- #Portal

An inspirational message for all you citrus arsonists out there. View "Cave Johnson "Lemons" Speech Poster" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Portal 2 - We are a family by ~SuperKusoKao on deviantART

Dad, I'm in space. I am proud of you, son. Dad, are you space? Portal 2 (c) Valve Portal 2 - We are a family