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kemppa.jpg (1632×918)

kemppa.jpg (1632×918)

Ableton Live is known for being a synth player or DJ's tool, but it can also be immensely useful in a live band setting.

Video: Using Ableton Live with Your Band

Build Your Own Recording Studio Infographic; our place is definitely going to have some of these!

The ultimate home recording studio equipment site. Great deals and huge selection of home recording studio equipment.

>>> http://www.ausdjforums.com <<< Forums for DJs & Music Producers

>>> http://www.ausdjforums.com <<< Forums for DJs & Music Producers

DIY Ikea DJ Booth.

You spend all your hard-earned money on expensive DJ equipment, and now you ran out of space. You need a budget tabletop/storage solution. This is it, an affordable DIY DJ Booth you can build from IKEA parts.

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Craig Dalzell is the owner of this DJ booth with 4 Technics You see a good combination with analogue and digital equipment for DJ sets with a unique flavour. Let’s see, what Craig also reveals from his DJ living … Continue reading →