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Meißen Schloss Albrechtsburg - Sachsen, Germany

Meißen Schloss Albrechtsburg, Sachsen, Germany (near Dresden). High above the picturesque Elbe Valley, the late-Gothic castle rises Albrecht. In the Built century, Albrecht Meissen applies as the oldest castle in Germany.

Backpacker Magazine - How to Walk: Improve Your Strike, Lessen Leg and Back Pain

Art Backpacker Magazine - How to Walk: Improve Your Strike, Lessen Leg and Back Pain the-great-outdoors

Cologne Cathedral, Germany home of the reliquary of the Three Kings!

Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral) - Cologne, Germany Truly a site to see if you ever visit!

3rd GGM Judith Emily Pope was a direct descendent of the early Hohenzollerns, the Plantagenets, Alfred the Great, and Charlemagne. Her gateway ancestors were John Baron Curraghmore Power, Eltonhead Conway, Richard Hinde III and Thomas Curtis II.

Hohenzollern Castle (German: Burg Hohenzollern) is a castle about 50 kilometers mi) south of Stuttgart, Germany. It is considered the ancestral seat of the Hohenzollern family, which emerged in the Middle Ages and eventually became German Emperors.

I am a Canadian photographer Taylor Moore. I have captured the magic and mystery of the legendary ‘Quinta da Regaleira’ located in the UNESCO village of Sintra, Portugal. ‘Regaleira’ built by (the owner) Antonio Augusto Carvalho Monteiro in conjunction with the renowned Italian opera set designer and architect Luigi Manini. These two noblemen conspired to create a place of divine magic and mystery embodying a combination of styles including Roman, Gothic, Renaissance and Manueline.

The Palace Of Mystery: My Pictures Of “Quinta Da Regaleira”

The Iniciatic Well, Entering the Path of Knowledge - Regaleira Estate, Sintra, Portugal Quinta da Regaleira

Neuschwanstein in Bavaria

The 100 Most Famous Landmarks Around The World

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany by Matt Burke - The Disney castle is modeled after this building. I got engaged to my husband in front of the Neuschwanstein Castle. I'm a lucky girl!

Yasaka pagoda but like I've never seen it.  Snow sitting like this is so rare in central Kyoto but so beautiful against the aged wood

京都 八坂 〜Kyoto Yasaka I love every single thing about this picture from the layout…



Outdoor Footwear 101 Infographic

Outdoor Footwear 101 Infographic