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Easy crepe paper craft. How to Make Ginkgo Biloba Autumn Leaves Using Crepe Paper – a.k.a. Maidenhair Tree Autumn Leaves. Read the detailed procedure at

Maidenhair tree (Ginkgo biloba): “It goes bright, bright yellow, then one day the leaves just fall—a yellow puddle.”

I lived near a street which was lined in ginkgo trees and every autumn it looked like this, except for the fact that this picture can't begin to convey the brilliance of the golden leaves when the sunlight hit them or the beauty of the the fallen leaves swirling in the breeze.

Golden leaves on a cottonwood tree... my favorite tree! It's one of the biggest breeds of trees in the midwest, also one of the strongest... and very hard to uproot! (Just ask my dad! He hates these trees for that very reason!)

Ginkgo Biloba Autumn leaves are golden yellow - the leaves are fan-shaped. Maidenhair Tree is a symbol of longevity for Chinese.