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Bases 53 Part 4 Hadron Collider Mishap TEK Chat In Part 1-3, the Hadron Collider at CERN, and its 'synchronised' junior devices across the planet were discussed. The basic narrative being that this massive device was being used for nefarious purposes to open a worm hole allowing 'Draco' ETs, who have been on earth for thousands of years (Aka Demons) to have massive reinforcements, in a great space war above our heads.

R.I.P. Holga: The Hit Toy Camera Comes to an End

After being designed in 1981, the Holga medium format toy camera developed a cult following among photographers who valued its affordability and unique lo-

A Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy diagnosis lacks scientific validity. The Munchausen syndrome by proxy profile used by doctors contains paradoxes that make it

Nurses Confession: Obamacare - January 6, 2016 About A Dozen Nurses Have Called Me And Revealed The Same Thing About Obama Care: Here Is What They Say..........................Every Nurse That Has Called Has Been Afraid To Speak Up For Fear Of Being Fired And Arrested - Sounds A lot Like NAZI Germany?