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Connor Franta O2L , pretty picture

Connor Franta , pretty picture :) ugh he's so cute! This picture pretty much explains his life which explains my life💕💕💕

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"Let your smile change the world, don't let the world change your smile" ~unknown (person pictured: Connor Franta)

Can anyone put hate on Connor? I mean really. Things impossible these days

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Where da ya get dose shoes I totes need dem in ma life! So me

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had to break up. thereby breaking the heart of millions of girls around the worl

Connor Franta. Leaving Our Second Life. I'm dying ill never forget Frantastic Mondays. I love you Connor. Stay strong and NEVER EVER GIVE UP. We love you❤❤ OK SO I KNOW THIS WAS A LONG TIME AGO BUT YA ITS STILL THE SAME......... Lol

Connor is so amazing! I started watching his videos first and then he started talking about and stuff and that's how I found out about them! Connor will always be apart of no matter what and Monday will always be Frantastic Monday!

Connor franta. Don't worry what other people think about you, cause their opinions don't matter. If you like you, BE you. :) ~ Conner Franta

Wise words from my man, Connor Franta also he's so attractive. oh my gosh<<<I KNOW RIGHT I think I just exploded oh god