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Creative Outlet: A little Halloween

Great idea - spiders in the apothecary jars via Creative Outlet: A little Halloween


DIY "spell book from a old dictionary, I made my spell pages in Printshop and distressed them to make them look old and well used. I turned the corners of the book and sprayed random pages with a water. I also used my brown ink to make it look older"

How to Make a Besom

Magic Monday, Make a Besom (Love of the Goddess)

Like the cauldron, the besom was an everyday household object and could not be held up as a sign of witchcraft in the courts.Wallpaper and background photos of Besom for fans of Witchcraft images.


Vintage Halloween Postcard Halloween Postcard Vintage postcard Vintage Halloween Postcard Halloween jack-o-lanterns Whoah.


Dark Halloween decor party dark lights home decor autumn halloween gothic halloween party ideas.I'M THERE

Brings the whole 'fairys in a jar' thing to a new twist.

Halloween fairy using dollar store skeletons and heating the joints to bend them into poses - cool and creepy idea. Add feathers to make them faries