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The name of Crete is for me- the man who conquered it- a bitter memory. I made a wrong decision when I suggested this attack, since not only did it mean the loss of so many paras who were my sons, but also the end of the Fallschirmjäger, which I created myself.” General Student – after the war..

This Day in WWII History: Mar 26, 1941: On this day, Italy attacks the British fleet at Suda Bay, Crete, using detachable warheads to sink a British cruiser. This was the first time manned torpedoes had been employed in naval warfare, adding a new weapon to the world's navys' arsenals.

In July of 1943, Allied Forces' troops, guns and transport are rushed ashore, ready for action, at the opening of the Allied invasion of the Italian island of Sicily. In Focus - The Atlantic

[Photo] Lieutenant General Bernard Freyberg, commanding officer of British forces on Crete, Greece, gazing over the parapet of his dug out in the direction of the German line, late May 1941 | World War II Database