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3 Cute Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

medium hair

In the words of Cher, "Tis a far, far better thing doing stuff for other people." Do stuff for mom by getting her the Clueless soundtrack!

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no animal testing...Just bought some Kiss my Face soap at Apple Crate in Fayetteville, NC. Its an 8oz bar for $4 and lasts a few months. This store has lots of products that do not test on animals. Check them out if you're in Fayetteville or Hope Mills.

It’s an amazing Portuguese word,...

It’s an amazing Portuguese word, etymologically from Quimbundo (Angolan dialect). A good cafuné is almost an orgasm. (via southerngirl365)

Photo from the set of the Outsiders. From S.E. Hintons twitter.

I like to imagine that near the beginning of their reign in Narnia, Lucy and Susan used to just sit in the water and braid each other’s hair. They probably near ruined many dresses that way. When they were older, they didn’t do it as much, but every so often Lucy could persuade Susan to join her, and they always had great fun. That’s my headcanon, anyways.

Jake Pitts and Jinxx

madidrawsthings: AX is coming up quick and I just wanted to share my finished version of the print I have for Steven Universe. It’s an 11x17 inch print and if there’s any leftovers from the convention I’ll be selling them online (along with other prints and keychains). I’ll be posting more of the stuff I have for AX for you guys throughout the week and I hope you guys like them uvu;;