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Assange may face extradition as Ecuador considers revoking asylum

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told Fox News host Sean Hannity this week that his site did not get their trove of Democrat-penned emails from Russian authorit

Nestlé announced that it had given up on its plans to pump 73 million gallons of water per year from the town's local aquifer after community backlash.  (usuncut article 6.16.16)

Nestlé Just Suffered a Major Defeat as Community Blocks Water Privatization

Parents sue school district for covering up teacher's abuse of handicapped children

Fortune 500 company discriminates against homeschoolers, refuses to hire smartest kids in America

Finally, the truth emerges about whooping cough vaccine: OBs and pediatricians, stand back with your needles

Vaccine Danger: Merck is Big Pharma’s Vaccine Monsanto

Protestors march in Milwaukee

Mental illness is an affliction, not a crime. Police must stop killing suffering citizens

US will not pursue civil rights case after mentally ill black man shot by officer

Exsoldado se declara culpable de irrumpir en la Casa Blanca

White House fence jumper Omar Gonzalez, is shown in this New River Regional Jail booking photo released on September 2014

Disclaimer: I am not related to any political campaign and/or party in any way, shape or form;  I am not associated with any Super Pac I am not in contact with the candidates, their campaigns or their Super Pacs. I am not a supporter of any political party or candidate either. This article is to help [ ]

Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Sen. Marco Rubio pause in honor of Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia before the start of the Republican presidential debate, Feb. (Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

The #1 Movie that Unmasks Obama and his Attitude to Israel (nearly 1/2 mil. views)

The Movie that Unmasks Obama and his Attitude to Israel (nearly mil.

If you support Donald Trump, it is very likely you have no idea what Donald Trump is about; the main reason, only Donald Trump  makes sense to you and you only pay attention to his surrogates whose sole job is to echo whatever he says, however absurd or ridiculous, but you make it a point to ignore everybody else. [ ]

His rhetoric isn't just stigmatizing, it's factually incorrect.

Scientists and business leaders urge US government to reject toxic herbicide mix of glyphosate and Agent Orange ingredient

Chicago government wants to rename its chemical-filled toxic sewage product to…