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Yikes! A #fullmooneclipse, a #mooningemini, and Mars making some waves! Thankfully #mercurydirect is on its way. Check out today's #dailyastrologicalforecast to get tips on getting through it all.

Today's void lunar cycle with the #FullMoon after effects will leave many of you uncomfortable. Find out how to get through it with ease, AND see what exciting things you have to look forward to tomorrow on today's #dailyforecast!

We have a Full Moon in Aries, some fun from lucky Jupiter, and a Moon and Mars union this evening, all good from the cosmos #dailyforecast today. It's some nice respite for you friends, be sure to make the most of this Full Moon energy, all weekend long. Have a grand one!

The universe is handing is a sweet day on a silver platter. The key to enjoying it however is all in your hands. You are in control of your destiny, what else do the intuitive aspects have in store for you today? Find out on today’s #dailyforecast!

It's a scrunchy one today as the day starts off with another void lunar cycle. Later we have the #MooninAries and some other challenging aspects. Find out how to get through it on today's #dailyforecast!

It will be an uncomfortable start to the Monday, but Pallas and Uranus have some surprises in store before the Moon moves into Virgo. It's all on today's #dailyforecast!

We have some extra energy hanging on from yesterday's Mars and Saturn clash, and this is going to threaten your comfort and security zones today as Mars continues to get cranky with Pluto this morning. Add a void lunar cycle to the mix and it could be a tough one. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is all outlined on today's #dailyforecast! Have a grand one!

We start the day with a void lunar cycle and will finish it with a Moon in Cancer. A tough day for some, but the opportunity for blessings is there. Check it out on today's #dailyforecast.

We have some fun blog series going on right now, we just wrapped up Venus in the houses. This will tell you a lot about your love life, and your partner's too. But this discussion is not complete without a discussion of Mars in the houses as well. Here's your next installment on that very topic!