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Mystery Skulls Ghost Animated poster.By FrankCat. FOLLOW ME.

Reverse falls-Slipping mouth by Buryooooo

Reverse falls-Slipping mouth by Buryooooo

I was cheering for Lewis when this happened, like I literally screamed "YEEEEEEH LEWIS"

-follow the queen for more poppin' pins @kjvouge✨❤️-

A ghostly woman in black has been seen at Bolling Hall, a 14th century manor considered one of the most haunted buildings in West Yorkshire, England.

Cave di Cusa (meaning “Quarry of Accusation” in Italian) or Rocche di Cusa in Sicily - I noticed that the inner wall surface and the wall of the column are processed equally, for what and why? That is, in other words that supposedly with picks digging - it's just nonsense, clearly visible mechanical processing, as if bored, or rotational movements of cutting tool

Détail de la finesse de l'artisanat d'une partie du travail mégalithique à Cusco au Pérou.