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Antonio Banderas / So sad about their divorce. Marriage is not the easiest of institutions under the best of circumstances. Celebrities have an even more difficult time because they live in a gold fish bowl. They also have appearance expectations that ma

Antonio Banderas... Oh come on, we all fell in love with Zorro!

Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas is one of the actors in the Spy Kids series. He is known for playing the.

1995: Antonio Banderas. Which Guy Was Everyone Obsessed With the Year You Were Born? Celebrity crushes ​through the years.

Who Was the Biggest Heartthrob the Year You Were Born?

If we could all pause to acknowledge Antonio Banderas as Mariachi in Desperado, we'd all begi.

Antonio Banderas  only-god-could-make-men-this-handsome

Long-haired Antonio Banderas inspired my Argentine gaucho, Lucio, in my HP The Latin Lover's Secret Child, the book in my Galvan Brides mini-series

Antonio Banderas Looking So Good :)  I would love to be Melanie Griffith for one night, just one night.  Oh wow!!

antonio banderas - Tom Ford has got to be thinking "Put a shirt on this guy already!

Google-kuvahaun tulos kohteessa http://www.celebrity9.com/img/antonio-banderas/antonio-banderas-1.jpg

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