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Every 109 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. And every 8 minutes, that victim is a child. Meanwhile, only 6 out of every perpetrators will end up in prison.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline |   Talking to Your Children About Domestic Violence

Life After Abuse: Helpful Books to Check Out - The National Domestic Violence Hotline

Sexual Abuse happens across the country, but did you know that victims of sexual abuse are 26 more likely to Abuse Drugs and Substances. This fact and by AislingH

Sexual Abuse victims are 26 more likely to Abuse Drugs and Substances. covers the four types of sexual abuse; statistics for both males & females sexual abuse victims; common examples of what is considered sexual abuse.

This quote was taken from an online article titled "Military Sexual Abuse: A Greater Menace Than Combat." Harman goes on to describe how surprised she was to learn that 4 out of 10 women in a local veterans hospital had been raped by fellow soldiers.

Truthout sparks action by revealing systemic injustice and providing a platform for transformative ideas through investigative reporting and analysis.

3 Cents for Sex Infographic

INFOGRAPHIC: Children should have the right to live a happy, healthy life. In some areas, a healthy and happy life is not possible.

Have you come across any confusing ideas about what 'counts' as rape? This guide clears up so many common questions – here's what everyone needs to know about what rape means.<<<<<<<<<<

This should be taught in middle school health class and should be revisited in high school.

"Think of us those poor men being accused of rape you feminazi!" "Yeah I feel your pain bro but... I think you'll be fine"

Guess How Many Rapists Are Punished For Their Crimes

Out of every 100 rapists, 97 will walk free. According to the Rape Abuse & Incest National Network.

21 Sentences NOT to say to a sexual abuse survivor | Mary DeMuth @Mary Emily #Uncaged

21 Sentences NOT to say to a sexual abuse survivor

21 Sentences NOT to say to a sexual abuse survivor. I've heard people at UMW use literally every one of these in the last month.

When Your Spouse Is a Survivor of Sexual Abuse

With your patience and understanding and God's help, it is possible for your spouse to return to normal and healthy sexual and emotional function.

Sex After Sexual Abuse: How to Reclaim Your Sexuality

Wifey Wednesday: Abuse Survivors and Sex

Can you enjoy sex after sexual abuse in your past? Here's a look at how to reclaim your sexuality--and keep your abuser from wrecking your marriage today.

23 Harrowing Confessions From Survivors Of Military Sexual Assault

23 Harrowing Confessions About Sexual Assault In The Military

On the anonymous secret-sharing app Whisper, people who say they are survivors of military sexual assault open up about their heartbreaking experiences and living with PTSD.

Substantially expanded and updated, this classic volume provides therapists with detailed information on how to treat sexual abuse survivors more effectively. Dr. Briere offers an integrated theory of postabuse symptom development and suggests certain core phenomena that account for many of the psychosocial difficulties associated with childhood sexual abuse. The second edition includes more infor...

Therapy for Adults Molested as Children : John Briere : 9780826156419

PAUSE. What can you do to stop sexual violence? - Georgia Tech #Believer #stopabuse http://stopabusecampaign.com/safe-homes-for-children/building-belief

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Sexual Abuse Resources


Safe at Home: Preventing Sexual Violence

Safe at Home: Preventing Sexual Violence

The theme of this year's Sexual Assault Awareness Month campaign is Prevention is Possible -- and if you scroll t.