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Derek Taylor (centre) was The Beatles' press officer and friend. He and John were particularly close, and wrote to each other often.

Neil Aspinall was born today 10-13 in 1941. Neil was a school chum of Paul McCartney and George Harrison's and became the road manager and personal assistant to The Beatles. He served as the first chief executive of Apple Corps when it was formed as well. Along with Mal Evans and Derek Taylor, Neil was one of the more visible Beatles long time co-horts. Neil passed in 2008.

Paul McCartney: A 50-year career and a “New” album

John Lennon and Paul McCartney (at a NYC press conference also pictured Derek Taylor & Mal Evans)

Derek Taylor and Brian Epstein leaning in to give the boys advice during a press conference at the Cinnamon Cinder in Los Angeles, 23 August 1964. Photo by Michael Ochs Archives

George with Derek Taylor and someone I can't see well enough to identify at the Apple Offices on Saville Row

"Happiness Is A Warm Gun" can be found on The Beatles, commonly called The White Album, released Novemeber 22, 1968. Producer George Martin showed John a magazine that had said "happiness is a warm gun" on the cover from which John wrote the song. The song was written in three parts with one of them being written by John and Derek Taylor (pictured sitting on floor), press officer for The Beatles and The Beach Boys, while taking an acid trip. #TheBeatles