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Machu Picchu, I like this picture because if I were here, I too would lay down and take in the beauty

Wanderlust destinations offer a pure divine love of travel. For us, they offer opportunities of pure reflection and evolution. Bringing us so much peace over at https://itsmypleasure.com.au

I'm terrified of heights but I think all that would dissolve the moment you sat down and gazed over this view. Your thoughts are always with you, but I can see all those stresses and worries vanishing up there.


There is a whole giant big world out there. Live your life in the wild, away from large urban centers and your mind will flourish in ways it never could. You will feel things so deep you never knew existed.

"Sometimes it's better to be alone." He said as he sat on a large rock covered with mud, moss, and years of age. "But, why?" I asked, not sure of what he meant. "Because...because no one can hurt me."

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Zack in Big Cottonwood Canyon. by KyleSipple Adventure Camp vibes Poler Salt Lake City Utah Vsco Stay and wander KyleSipple

Late summer swims when the water is cold but you want to hold on to those last few moments of summer

“I too have taken my self into this summer lake, where the leaves of the trees almost touch, where peace comes in the generosity of water.” Mary Oliver “Swimming with Otter”

need some of this in my life ASAP

This could be one of the single biggest traps for a leader

I'll sit on tree stumps staring at snow covered mountains