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“Anonymous” tracking now includes knowing your name, email address and everything about you — just not your full browsing history - http://limk.com/anonymous-tracking-now-includes-knowing-your-name-email-address-and-everything-about-you-just-not-your-full-browsing-history-5017947/

Institutionalized Spying on Americans; Stephan Lendman, Veterans Today: Important research from Mr. Lendman that everyone should be aware of.

The incredible Nazi plans for a mile-wide sun gun to fry cities from space - Giant space mirror would have concentrated the sun's rays on Earth - German army would use it to 'burn enemy cities' or 'boil part of an ocean' - and manned space station complete with gardens. The idea is the brainchild of renowned rocket scientist Hermann Oberth, in 1923...the original purpose of the space mirror was to provide the people of earth with sunshine on demand, anywhere on the globe.

The incredible Nazi plans for a mile-wide 'sun gun' to fry cities from space

The Secret Nazi Plan To Blow Up Cities And Boil Oceans With A Mile-Wide ‘SUN GUN’. The mile wide mirror would be able to focus the power of the sun onto a target on Earth

Wisconsin man indicted in 2011 Anonymous hack of Koch Industries

A Wisconsin man could face years in federal prison if he is convicted of helping hacker collective Anonymous take down Koch Industries' website during protests

La guida definitiva per sapere come inviare email criptate Gmail in modo da proteggerle da utenti curiosi e da occhi indiscreti.

Come inviare email criptate Gmail

Come controllare un account email on line tramite dei siti specializzati per vedere se anche il tuo account risulta rubato e compromesso.

Come controllare un account email se risulta rubato e compromesso

3ders.org - 3D print your own pasta in a restaurant | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

Italy-based pasta maker Barilla plans to equip every restaurant with food printers in a few years. Customers could then get their own designed printed pasta on the plate in a few minutes.

Un argentino compra dos caniches por 300 dólares y descubre que son hurones engalanados – Animales – Noticias, última hora, vídeos y fotos de Animales en lainformacion.com

Man buys poodles and finds out they are actually ferrets on steroids (Photos)

Put a case on it.

Should I Use a Case on My Phone?

British designer Vivienne Westwood during the 'End Ecocide in Europe' press conference

Vivienne Westwood backs ecocide law

British designer Vivienne Westwood during the 'End Ecocide in Europe' press conference