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Anti drink-driving poster in Brazil. The caption reads "Now you see it. Now you don't."

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These trucks are a great example of how to push traditional advertising and make it something fresh and eye-catching. I think this might be concept work rather than actual ads, but the idea could be a great way to utilize semis, buses, and more.

Street marketing

Folgers Coffee displayed a pretty creative guerrilla marketing campaign by covering the city street's manholes with images of a top of a cup of coffee. When the steam rose from the sewers below, it appeared that a fresh cup of coffee was steaming up.

funny ads

I think the coffee elevator, I would take the stairs. Really like the dog ad. Omg the condom so hilarious

Take your hobby always with you. #photographers #shoppingbag #inspiration

This bag is an example of continuous marketing advertising. The bags core component is that it is, indeed, a bag for carrying. Its other components serve as advertising the camera and its clarity.

This is what happens when You text & drive. Texting drivers are 6 times more likely to create and accident with more collateral damage than a DRUNK DRIVER. DON'T TEXT & DRIVE!!

A rede social pode acabar com a sua vida

Print advertisment created by Saint Luc, Belgium for Responsible Young Drivers, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

This #billboard design #advertising a hair coloring product uses the elements of nature to portray its message...brilliant

Koleston natural hair ad

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