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116 visual content ideas for your biz

How to See Which Social Media Platform Is Sending You the Most Traffic

When it comes to reaching customers, public relations can either be a company's best friend or its worst enemy. Here are a few rules for establishing good customer relations.

Stay Ahead of the Competition With These 6 Content-Marketing Trends

Vibrant new marketing tools such as automation, complex niches and artificial intelligence will help your business lead the pack.

The Must-Have Social Media Tool Every Content Marketer Needs

Sonia Simone reveals an ulta flexible social media tool that allows you to publish business-building content without holding you to any arbitrary rules.

Use This Content Marketing Checklist to Skyrocket Your Productivity

Blogging Success: 7 Reasons New Bloggers Fail

Yes, it is possible to build a successful blog, but there are many reasons why new bloggers fail. Here are 7 of them, you should avoid. Read more at

Conquer Content Shock with Illegitimate Ideas

Conquer Content Shock with Illegitimate Ideas. An illegitimate idea is one that is unnatural — a mongrel. We don’t know its origins. It comes out of left field and is so surprising and disruptive that we halt and pay attention to it.

10 Content Marketing Goals Worth Pursuing

10 Content Marketing Goals Worth Pursuing. If you're trying to build your business with content marketing, it's important to go into it with eyes wide open and goals in sight.