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Elder Scrolls Lore

A letter written by a victim of Sheogorath, titled “Something’s In The Attic.

Skyrim Game Hijacking by =SlayerSyrena on deviantART

Skyrim Game Hijacking by SlayerSyrena on deviantART -What Hilario does to my games when i walk away.

Nuclear Winter Is Coming Fallout 3 4

Nuclear Winter Is Coming Fallout 3 4

I've had this quest for so long, then i ate one and now im doomed

Skyrim Problems (I sniped him from behind the lower part of the wall at Jorrvaskr. I just shot him once and every time I go to Whiterun I shoot him just once so he shuts up for a little while.

Or my companion, or the person Im supposed to be following, or the uber-awesome axe I've missed placed, or ......

Skyrim Problems Always. This happens to me about every 30 mins when I play Skyrim. I usually have to go back to my super awesome pad (that I wish I had in RL) in Whiterun after almost every activity.